ImageTower4.jpgETex Rural Broadband

Providing Fast UNLIMITED Internet

In Rural Communities


ETex Rural Broadband is a full service Internet Provider for Panola County, Texas and surrounding areas. We provide high speed Internet with NO LIMIT on data usage. This means our customers are never charged additional fees for using more data to download movies, or watch YouTube videos, or gaming.


ETex strives to provide premier service to our customers through reliability and integrity. We provide proven, experienced methods with the highest quality of service and flexible business innovations which adapt to the ever changing broadband markets and technology.


ETex offers different plans to our clients based on download speed, not on data used. We specialize in bringing the Internet to small towns and rural communities. Many homes, companies and churches rely more on electronics and this often requires an Internet connection that is reliable and faster than previous methods.  Choices of technology offered today can be overwhelming and we want to provide our clients with an Internet plan that meets their needs.     


ETex offers several plans for customers. These plans are based solely on the download speed, never on how much data is downloaded. Our customers can download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and their monthly cost will not change. Downloading data never increases our customers’ monthly charge. With this in mind, review the plans below and pick the one that brings you the most excitement at the cost that fits your budget.


Contact ETex Rural Broadband and let us know how we can serve you in your Internet experience. If your family needs the Internet in order to watch movies, student class work, online research, or just to stay connected with friends, ETex has a plan for you. 








Use a wireless wifi connection throughout your home or business using your smart phone or computers to effortless enjoy exploring the Internet.



Our broadband travels through several different radios in order to reach our clients. No matter where you live, we can bring high speed Internet to your location.





Many people of the world connect more and more using videos and that requires a strong reliable Internet signal.




ETex Rural Broadband provides dependable Internet.

This allows for Video Surveillance which can help prevent theft and vandalism.

Bring safety to your home or business using the Internet.

Whatever your need, let ETex bring the Internet to your rural community.


Contact Us:

ETex Rural Broadband, LLC

PO Box 247

Carthage, TX 75633